The Embassy

The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Qatar has the mission of representing with excellence the Government of the Dominican Republic before the State of Qatar in strict adherence to the legal framework and professionalism of diplomacy, to promote ties of friendship and all kinds of relations between both governments and peoples according to the instructions received from the Foreign Ministry and in pursuit of the foreign policy objectives of the Government of Change *. Likewise, guarantee respect for human rights and individual guarantees of Dominican visitors or residents of the Qatari territory.

Our work plan is aimed at complying with the Axes of the FOREIGN POLICY of our Government:

  • Protection of Dominican women and men abroad.
  • Export promotion and investment attraction to create jobs.
  • Trade promotion plan and export promotion plan. objective: attract investment and promote exports.
  • Investor missions to attract new investments.
  • Identify potential buyers to increase the catalog of exportable products.
  • Promote democratic values ​​and human rights enshrined in the Dominican constitution.

The Ambassador


As Ambassador of the Dominican Republic, I am honored and committed to the high mission of representing the Dominican Republic in the State of Qatar, to strengthen and increase our political, economic, cultural and cooperation ties. I assume this charge of the Hon. Mr. President Luis Abinader with immense patriotic sentiment and with the determination to fully comply with it.

My commitment, ratified by my vocation to forge, links that generate development, cooperation and well-being, is aimed at providing new content and greater solidity to the bilateral relationship between the Dominican Republic and the State of Qatar, countries united by a years of friendship.

My responsibility to the Dominican community in Qatar is to ensure respect for their human rights and individual guarantees, to promote strategies for their development in this country, but above all, to promote the dignified and tenacious work of our people, even away from home, something that distinguishes us in all parts of the world.


To be a professional, efficient and transparent diplomatic representation that, through actions and programs in the short, medium and long term, achieves in Qatar a greater recognition of the Dominican Republic as a country brand, generating a flow of tourism, investment and commercial exchange and cultural, as well as educational, technical and scientific cooperation.


Loyalty, Efficiency, Transparency and Solidarity.
  • Loyalty: We are committed to national and institutional interests, contributing the best of our team to achieve the country’s development objectives.
  • Efficiency: We make efficient use of our human, material, technological and financial capacities to provide the country with an effective diplomatic and consular exercise that allows us to meet the challenges of the new world environment.
  • Transparency: We act with integrity and honesty in the management of institutional resources, adhering to the regulatory framework of public administration and the control mechanisms for accountability.
  • Solidarity: We assume collaboration, union and teamwork as daily practices that facilitate the achievement of institutional goals.