The Dominican Republic occupies two-thirds of the eastern side of Hispaniola Island, which it shares with the Republic of Haiti. We are the second largest and most diverse country in the Caribbean with an area of 49,967 square kilometers. We have a population of about 10.5 million.
We enjoy a privileged tropical climate throughout the year. The average temperature ranges between 25 ° C and 31 ° C. The coolest season is from November to April, while the warmest, from May to October.
We are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the North and the Caribbean Sea in the South; The island has 1600 kilometers of coastline, the best beaches in the world, magnificent accommodations and a great variety of entertainment and recreation, above all, recognized by our warm and hospitable people.
A unique destination like no other, a paradise of color, where you can dance to the rhythm of our contagious music, relax in our luxurious hotels, explore the ancient relics of the First City of America, delight in our rich gastronomy or enjoy exciting adventures.
The natural offer of the Dominican Republic ranges from imposing mountain ranges, rivers, valleys, deserts, lush tropical forests, waterfalls and impressive beaches. In addition to our cities that have different architectural styles: a country that has it all, different scenarios and a varied offer.
The Dominican Republic continues to be the main destination for visitors looking to play golf, thanks to 26 impressive courses created by the best designers worldwide. You can hold romantic celebrations for all styles and budgets, organize meetings, congresses, and incentive groups giving you an experience like no other.
A country accessible through seven international airports. A paradise that no one should miss.
We invite you to discover the Dominican Republic!
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