The typical Dominican handicraft is a very important pillar, it is rich and varied, it includes elements that come from the indigenous, European and African heritage.

The pieces made of ceramic are very popular: little houses, facades with decorative details and the famous and internationally demanded Limé dolls without a face (to represent a collective ethnicity). Also the baskets, handbags and hats of guano, cana or cabuya, the figures in carved wood, the vases, chests and jars, as well as wallets, belts and sandals in leather and beautiful jewels made in amber and larimar.

Amber is a national gem that, according to the sages of ancient times, possesses the power to counteract negative vibrations, as long as they are received as a gift. Only in the Dominican Republic, up to ten different varieties of amber have been found, one of them, blue, is the most valued.

On the Amber Coast, as the northwestern coastal area of the Dominican Republic is known, is the Amber Museum of Puerto Plata where plants, insects and animals trapped in resin are the protagonists of this Victorian museum.