The Directorate of Foreign Trade and Trade Treaties Administration (DICOEX), safeguards compliance with the regulations on foreign trade; Its objective is to promote and facilitate the commercial flow between the Dominican Republic and the countries with which they share free trade agreements. Similarly, DICOEX mitigates other legislative issues such as intellectual property, investment, public procurement, etc.

  • In 2019, Law No. 68-19 modified article 91 of the General Companies Law, eliminating the minimum capital for Limited Liability Companies (SRL), a measure that the National Competitiveness Council had committed to.
  • In 2017, Law No. 141-15 on bankruptcies came into force.
  • Law No. 155-17 pursues Money Laundering and is having great repercussions.
  • Law No. 249-17 modified the regulation of the Securities Market since in 2016 Law No. 688-16 was enacted, aimed at promoting entrepreneurship with incentives and eliminating obstacles to the formalization of companies; This creates the CONFIE (Financial Counterpart Fund) trust with the Reserve Bank, intended for first foreign investments in its implementation. They are not attributable so much to the laws themselves as to the deficit of their effective application, to the functioning of the machinery of justice, to the weak enforcement of awards and sentences, and obstacles to competition.
  • The GSP is a preferential scheme implemented by multiple developed countries whereby certain quantities of products from developing countries benefit from a partial or total reduction of customs duties.The Dominican Republic currently has Generalized Systems of Preferences by the European Union.