• Energy Sector.
    The flows of EI and the establishment of TNCs in the electricity sector of the Dominican Republic are recent, which has developed thanks to two factors:
  • Regulatory change. It has allowed the participation of private capital in the sector; Thus, the General Electricity Law in 2001 as a general framework for the provision of electrical services, allows the presence of a foreign investment in the distribution and all forms of electricity generation, except hydroelectric energy.
  • A predominant participation of the TNCs: which have positioned themselves with a strategy to search for electricity services markets in both Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Telecommunications Sector.The telecommunications sector is well developed, it is one of the most competitive in the country due to the introduction of new technologies, products and services.The 1995 Foreign Direct Investment Law eliminated certain sectoral barriers to foreign investors, the Dominican Republic signed the WTO agreement on telecommunications services and committed to liberalizing the market and implementing the general principles of the WTO in legislation. This is how the telecommunications law came into force in 1998, liberalizing and modernizing the regulation of the industry, also creating the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (INDOTEL), which regulates and promotes the activities of the sector. This law liberalized services and established freedom for the construction and operation of telecommunications systems, promoting free competition.New technologies have a great impact on the country. The telecommunications sector is one of the main sources of employment and foreign exchange; Since the increase in EI, the Dominican Republic is one of the best-communicated countries. Currently, there are 104 companies authorized to offer mobile, fixed, Internet, cable television and satellite services. The Central Bank places this sector among those with the highest GDP weighting.Main telecommunications companies in the Dominican Republic:
  • SURE. (A company with Mexican capital, it dominates the fixed telephony, mobile, internet and pay television segments).
  • ORANGE. (It belongs to Altice, founded by French businessman Patrick Drahi).
  • LIVE.
  • WIND.